Leadership Skills

In PE we have started our module on leadership. We got into teams in the classroom and planned our own games. We appointed captains, skills coaches, equipment managers and fitness coaches.

Each team organised their own area in the playground. Then they tried out their ideas.


Rolling 12s in Maths

We had fun today filming our own version of a 12 times table rolling numbers song. Ask your child to sing it for you!

“Dukes up!”


World Book Day Fun!

It looks like my class had a wonderful morning with Mrs Harvey! They had fun: dressing up as a book character, reading The Red Tree by Shaun Tan (a book about hopes, dreams and fears), and then making dream catchers to catch our fears and only allow in positive thoughts.

Thank you so much Mrs Harvey!


Snow day

Friday 2nd March is a snow day. Have a lovely, safe, long weekend. 🙂


Sutton Hoo

In History today, we looked at pictures of items discovered in a Saxon burial site at Sutton Hoo.

We considered what the items tell us about the person who was buried there. We decided that the person was male, rich, possibly a king. Also, that they were Christian at some point, but was buried according to Saxon beliefs. Next time, we will use these clues to investigate who exactly was buried at Sutton Hoo!


Fun with times tables

Here are Year 6 using a deck of cards to play times tables games. 🙂

‘Fast Factors’ – person 1 starts a timer, then holds up 2 cards from the deck. Person 2 multiplies the numbers on the cards. Once they have a correct answer, they keep those cards. Person 1 stops the clock once the whole deck has been used. The winner is the person who solves the questions in the fastest time.

‘Factors on the forehead’ – play in 3s. Two people pick a card from the deck and place it against their forehead (without looking at it), so that the value of the card can be seen by the other players. The third person then multiplies the two cards. The players with cards on their foreheads have to work out the value of their own card. The person who is the fastest, keeps both of the cards. The winner is the person with the most cards at the end.