Wythall Transport Museum Trip

Thank you to Miss Bond, for organising a brilliant day out for the the first half of Year 6 (Mr Tipper’s and Mrs Thomas’ English groups will go later in the school year) to Wythall Transport Museum. We had a great day. Here are some photos:


15th September update

It’s been a busy week – it feels like Year 6 has now truly got going. 

In PE, we began our gymnastics module. We will be creating our own sequences involving 6 different types of jumps. We will be thinking about extension, tension and lift. 

In Maths, we have been studying the placevalue of digits up to tens of millions. Next week, Year 6 will be working on rounding numbers. 

In English, we have continued our module on persuasive writing. We have also been working hard on our spellings and word meanings. 

In Science, we reflected on our prior knowledge of our new topic, evolution. Then we began to learn about how different types of fossils are formed. 

This afternoon, we had a special visit from a music company called Rock Steady. We listened to lots of up to date songs being performed live in order to inspire a love of music. 

Homework this week is to design a paper plane for our ‘fly off’ next week. Prizes will also be given for the best looking plane.