My Superstars! 

I’m so proud of 6H and 6R- they were amazing yesterday! I am still smiling at the jokes, fun and all the things that remind us that they are our fabulous Colmore children. Thank you 6H and 6R, you’ve given me memories that will last forever. 

Bread Making

In 6H today, we made our bread designs. We had to find our own equipment and follow our recipes we had a good lesson on how much 1 ounces and how much 250g is! I think that next time we will estimate our measures more accurately! We had lots of fun! 


Enterprise week

This week, Colmore is enjoying Enterprise Week. Mrs Mallard and Mark (a local businessman) introduced the theme in an assembly, then we all got on with devising a business to raise money at the Summer Fair. Thank you to Mrs Mallard for your hard work organising this week for us, and thank you to Mr Tipper for sorting all of our resources. Please buy one of our pots at the fair!