6H star!

It was wonderful to hear about Alana’s special day on Wednesday! She was part of a team that presented the ‘Million Voices of Hope Petition’ for the attention of Theresa May.

Alana and the group dressed as Mary and Joseph to symbolise the millions of people who are refugees today because of what they believe. She had a tour of Parliament and met Micheal Heseltine before returning home. What a day!

Thank you so much for the The Palace of Westminster guide too Alana!




Polar Express Experience

On Friday, we are going to have a wonderful, Christmas themed afternoon to get us in the mood for our Christmas fair.

As our classroom will be in use by the PTA (as they prepare for Santa’s arrival), we will be in the mezzanine on Friday afternoon. We’ll have hot chocolate and watch The Polar Express (my favourite Christmas movie).


If you want to, you are welcome to bring in your onesies or PJs and a fluffy pillow/blanket/ teddy bear to really get you into the Polar Express mood. You may also bring in some popcorn to enjoy if you wish.

I hope this will be an experience that you’ll all remember when you think back on your time at Colmore. 🙂

Scavenger Hunts

Thank you to everyone who completed last week’s homework and sent in a scavenger hunt for us to use in our PE lessons. On Friday, Mrs Marshall hid all of our cards in the playground for us to locate and answer. Most children followed the riddle trail (copied onto pink card), but we also had lots of general knowledge and Maths questions to answer too. Thank you to Winston in 6T for the riddle trail.