Scavenger Hunts

Thank you to everyone who completed last week’s homework and sent in a scavenger hunt for us to use in our PE lessons. On Friday, Mrs Marshall hid all of our cards in the playground for us to locate and answer. Most children followed the riddle trail (copied onto pink card), but we also had lots of general knowledge and Maths questions to answer too. Thank you to Winston in 6T for the riddle trail.





In Maths today, Mr Raine’s, Mrs Marshall’s and my group took part in an exciting investigation called 4s. We had to use only the number 4 to make the numbers 1-20, e.g. to find 16, you could calculate 4 + 4 + 4 + 4.  or 4 x 4.

If you would like a go, you could try a simpler version where you can use as many 4s as you need. However, a real challenge is to have to use four 4s in each calculation, e.g. to make 8 you might have to use: 4 + 4 + 4 – 4. Let me know if you have a go!

Mrs H 🙂