Rolling 12s in Maths

We had fun today filming our own version of a 12 times table rolling numbers song. Ask your child to sing it for you!

“Dukes up!”


Learning to divide fractions by whole numbers

Year 6 have been learning all about dividing fractions by whole numbers. Using cake, we explored how we could cut our remaining pieces (3/4) in order to give each person an equal part. This activity helped the children to understand why their formal algorithm works.

We knew that 3/4 divided by 4 = 3/16. But now we understand why!

Have a look at our explanations of 4/5 divided by 3 too. 🙂

Coordinates Fun in Maths

My group enjoyed learning how to plot coordinates on a four quadrant grid in a very practical way!


Christmas Maths Fun!

To celebrate a fantastic start to the year, we had lots of Christmassy fun in Maths today (we were even lucky enough to be joined by some of Mr Williams’ maths group). We investigated möbius rings (turning them into paper chains), completed Christmas co-ordinates and solved puzzles.


Scavenger Hunts

Thank you to everyone who completed last week’s homework and sent in a scavenger hunt for us to use in our PE lessons. On Friday, Mrs Marshall hid all of our cards in the playground for us to locate and answer. Most children followed the riddle trail (copied onto pink card), but we also had lots of general knowledge and Maths questions to answer too. Thank you to Winston in 6T for the riddle trail.




Cannon Hill Park Trip

We had a great day today in Cannon Hill Park. We had fun playing in the adventure area, took part in a maths quiz scavenger hunt, created our own maps and took time to study the types of trees and leaves that we could find.


Multiplying and Dividing by 10  100 and 1000

Today, we took part in a role play to consider what happens to the value of digits when we multiply or divide by 10 100 or 1000.