Leadership Skills

In PE we have started our module on leadership. We got into teams in the classroom and planned our own games. We appointed captains, skills coaches, equipment managers and fitness coaches.

Each team organised their own area in the playground. Then they tried out their ideas.



Mrs Marshall kindly introduced our Street Dance module to my class. Here are some photos of us getting started:


Rhythmic Gymnastics

In PE today, we introduced equipment into our sequences.


OAA – working as a team

In our PE – Outdoor Adventure Activities lesson today, we had to work as a team. Here we are trying to use each other to help us to stand up (without using hands).


Scavenger Hunts

Thank you to everyone who completed last week’s homework and sent in a scavenger hunt for us to use in our PE lessons. On Friday, Mrs Marshall hid all of our cards in the playground for us to locate and answer. Most children followed the riddle trail (copied onto pink card), but we also had lots of general knowledge and Maths questions to answer too. Thank you to Winston in 6T for the riddle trail.




Outdoor Adventure Activities (OAA)

In PE, we have begun our OAA module. 

So far, we have taken part in a treasure hunt using maps, along with a enjoying a more random scavenger hunt. 

We considered the importance of using maps for accuracy and speed – but we all agreed that the scavenger hunt was great fun!!