Dominant and Recessive Genes

In Science today, we learnt about dominant and recessive genes. We discussed eye colour, and how it is possible for two brown eyed parents to have a blue eyed child.

Can you work out the colour hair that these people would have based on their genes?


Science Experiment – beaks!!

In Science, we are thinking about why different islands in the Galápagos Islands have finches with different types of beaks.

Today, we investigated whether particular beaks are best for eating certain food types.

Cannon Hill Park Trip

We had a great day today in Cannon Hill Park. We had fun playing in the adventure area, took part in a maths quiz scavenger hunt, created our own maps and took time to study the types of trees and leaves that we could find.


Lapworth Museum Trip

6H had a great time at Lapworth Museum today learning all about fossils and dinosaurs. Here are a few pictures of the museum: