Ordering and comparing numbers 

In maths this week, we have been learning about place value of digits. Here we are playing an ordering game. The winner could only collect their point if they could say the number out loud accurately. 


8th September Update

Well, the first week is over and 6H are settling well into life in Year 6.

This week, we have started our Geography topic, ‘Europe’. We discussed places that we have visited, and thought about where we might like to visit in the future. In RE, we began our topic on ‘Living with Rules’. We read the first extract of Lord of the Flies and considered the type of rules that the boys would need to survive on the island. In English, we have started our persuasive writing topic based on the movie Holes, and in Mathematics, we have been enjoying investigating and using visual mathematics.

Next week, we have PE on Monday and Wednesday – please ensure that kits are in school. We will be beginning our Science topic, Evolution – we will be learning about the formation of fossils. On Monday, we will be finding out who the children have voted as their House Captains. 6H will have Art on Tuesday afternoon with Mr Hughes, as well as singing with Mrs Mapp.

Reminder: I have asked the children to bring in a cereal box (one that has not contained nuts) for us to make a ‘book box’. Thank you.

Check back regularly for updates. The children also love to have your comments on their posts.


Please ensure that you have your PE kit in school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It is always worth having your kit in school – especially a pair of trainers, so that we can take any opportunities that become available to use the playground for our marathon running.

Mrs H 🙂


In Maths today, Mr Raine’s, Mrs Marshall’s and my group took part in an exciting investigation called 4s. We had to use only the number 4 to make the numbers 1-20, e.g. to find 16, you could calculate 4 + 4 + 4 + 4.  or 4 x 4.

If you would like a go, you could try a simpler version where you can use as many 4s as you need. However, a real challenge is to have to use four 4s in each calculation, e.g. to make 8 you might have to use: 4 + 4 + 4 – 4. Let me know if you have a go!

Mrs H 🙂